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Application Process

We are confident that we have just the rental home you’ve been looking for. Morgan Property Management is the exclusive agent and representative of the property owner and does not, in any respect, have any fiduciary or agency responsibilities to the applicant. All federal, state, and local laws are followed and each application is processed without regard to the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of applicant. Our staff of professionals are regularly trained and educated on the latest local, state and federal statutes pertaining to rental regulations.

GENERAL: Applications must meet the requirements of this Guideline. Each applicant 18 years of age and older must complete a separate application and pay the application fee of $31, which is non-refundable and covers the cost of processing the application.

PROCESSING: Each application must be complete, signed and fee paid before it will be processed. Applications are processed in the order received. Additional applications will continue to be accepted until the approved applicant has signed the lease and paid the security deposit. As a representative of the property owner, we must act in their best interests and will choose the best application if more than one has applied. Processing will normally take 48 hours; however it can take longer if a complication arises such as difficulties contacting your past landlords. A copy of applicant’s driver’s license or other federal issued ID is required and will become part of the completed application. All information on application is subject to verification. Applications will be denied if falsified. Once approved, each applicant must sign the lease and be fully responsible for the lease, rent or any fees due.

If application is denied, an approved Co-Signer may substitute their application, sign the lease and accept full financial responsibility along with the applicant. In lieu of a Co-Signer, and at Morgan Property Management’s discretion, the applicant may pay a security deposit equal to the maximum the law will allow. Guideline requirements may be waived if applicant pre-pays rent for the full term of the lease.

RENTAL HISTORY: Applicant must have good rental references unless applicant has just sold their home. Relatives are not acceptable as rental references. Application may be denied for evictions, damages beyond normal wear and tear, illegal activity on premises, refusal to re-rent by previous landlord or a balance still owed to previous landlord.

INCOME: Application may be denied unless rent is no more than 40% of verifiable household income. To be considered as income, applicant must provide verification of SSI, food stamps, or child support. Unemployment payments will never be considered income. Section 8 or BHA/AHA subsidy can be considered as income for participating properties only, but rent cannot exceed 40% of the verifiable household income. If applicant does not have any income other than Section 8 or BHA/AHA subsidy, they will be denied due to insufficient income.

CREDIT: All information showing on the credit report is subject to verification, including previous address and place of employment. To ensure that all applicants are treated the same; Morgan Property Management uses a point system to evaluate credit. Each of the following award points against the applicant: (1) Any 2 credit accounts that have been rated 30-59 days late, (2) Any credit account that has been rated 120 + days late, (3) Any 2 credit accounts which are rated as having gone to collection, (4) Any charge off, discharge Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, vehicle repossession, lien, or any unpaid civil judgments. Any applicant who has an open bankruptcy will automatically be denied.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND: A felony conviction may be cause for denial of application.

PET POLICY: Due to insurance costs and limitations, Morgan Property Management does not allow the following types of dogs in any of our properties:

  1. Pit Bulls
  2. Rottweilers
  3. Chow Chows
  4. Doberman Pinchers
  5. German Shepherds
  6. American Staffordshire Terriers
  7. Wild dogs such as coyotes, wolves, and dingoes
  8. Any dog that has any of the above breeds in their lineage.

If the property owner agrees to allow a pet, applicant will pay a pet fee of $100 and a pet rent of $25 will be assessed each month, due with that month’s rental payment. Cats must be spayed or neutered. No puppies and no kittens allowed. Companion and support animals are permitted at all of our properties with proper documentation from a health care provider and are exempt from these fees.

CONTINGENCY LEASE: If at the time of the showing, the applicant wishes to rent the premises, applicant can pay the application fee and the security deposit, and sign the rental agreement as a contingency lease (the unit is yours unless you are denied via the application process). The contingency is that Morgan Property Management needs to complete that application process to include: Income verification, credit report, criminal background, and rental history verification. If tenant fails to meet the criteria, the applicant is denied and the security deposit is refunded. If approved, the deposit is applied toward the lease.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit amount varies from property to property and must be paid in advance.

SHORT-TERM LEASES: Almost all of our rentals will accept a short-term lease. There is a three-month minimum and a monthly assessment to the standard rent of 5-10% depending on the term and property.

CONDITION: We believe we have a higher than normal standard in the preparation of our rental units, but our standards may or may not be equivalent to your standards. If you see something that you don’t like, or something that you would like added, please make your request during the application process, we will gladly present it to the property owner. If the property owner grants our request, the modification will be made prior to you taking occupancy or otherwise annotated on the rental agreement.

SHOWINGS: Please email us at office@LegerityPM.com or phone us at (208) 891-1134 to schedule an appointment. We will gladly work around your schedule.

LEASE SIGNING: Once you are approved, you will be notified by phone and a lease signing must be scheduled within 5 days. All adults must sign the lease.

RENTS: Morgan Property Management chooses rents based on current market conditions in Boise and instructions from the property owner. If our competition has a comparable rental for less, please let our leasing agent know. We will do everything we can to match or beat it.

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